ETL Technology help forecasting and predictions ebook released has just published our first eBook “Everything is predictable”.  The book is now available on Amazon.

The book starts with the premise that matter and energy are bounded by the the laws of physics.  Since everything consists of matter and energy then, “by applying formulas known within the field of physics you now have one additional means to improve your prediction algorithms.”

Pretty cool stuff.

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ETL Technology SSIS and SQL SERVER experts

Our ETL experts specialize in using Microsoft SSIS and SQL SERVER to build solutions.   Microsoft SSIS (SQL SERVER INTEGRATION SERVICES) is an affordable  ETL tool for moving data across multiple sources.  SOme of the data sources which SSIS can work with are ORACLE, Netezza, Informix, DB2, EXCEL Spreadsheets, MS ACCESS, FLAT FILES, delimited files and more. If you are having difficulty with any aspect of using these tools or working with data please contact us now.  We are experts of helping businesses build reporting solutions using SSIS and SQL server.